Taking a Jaunt Across the Pond
A blog post on the importance of environmental health policy issues and opportunities in the EU was authored by JAF Program Manager Shorey Myers in September 2013. Read the post here:

Fire Fighter on KQED
JAF Program Manager Shorey Myers recently made her debut on KQED's Perspectives to air thoughts on the 2013 proposed revisions to the California law requiring flame retardants in furniture. Read the text or listen to the MP3 here:

Health and Equity: Finding Solutions Upstream
This essay on environmental health and justice grantmaking as a way of “Finding Solutions Upstream,” is co-authored by Marni Rosen of the Jenifer Altman Foundation and Kathy Sessions of the Health and Environmental Funders Network. It was among a series of commentaries published by Grantmakers in Health (GIH) for its 2012 Annual Meeting on "Health and Equity for All."
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A Gift Observed
JAF President Michael Lerner's book "A Gift Observed: Reflections on Philanthropy and Civilization," has circulated for over a decade in the philanthropic and civil society community.
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Minding the Environmental Health Gap: HEFN Marks 10 Years of Progress
Ten years ago a small, diverse group of funders came to the 1999 EGA Fall Retreat at Asilomar with a concept paper proposing a Health and Environmental Funders Network (HEFN) to bridge the gap between environmental funders affiliated with EGA and/or the Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, and health funders organized through Grantmakers in Health.
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