Grants to address the impact of chemicals on human and ecological health, and to develop and strengthen an integrated global environmental health and justice movement.

Grants that contribute to the well-being of the small coastal community of Bolinas, California, where Jenifer Altman spent the last years of her life.

Jenifer Altman had a strong desire to ensure continued support of Commonweal's work. JAF makes a sustaining grant to Commonweal each year.

Some grants simply do not fit within the parameters of our funding priorities, but present a unique opportunity and reflect the ethos of the Foundation.

Current Partnerships include:

The European Environment and Health Initiative (EEHI)
The goal of EEHI is to raise public awareness and policy support for a science-based precautionary approach to managing endocrine disrupting chemicals in the European Union. EEHI works collaboratively with existing NGO networks to identify and fill unmet needs in moving EU precautionary chemical management forward. EEHI is a joint effort of the Oak Foundation and the Jenifer Altman Foundation.
The Global South Plus Program
In partnership with the Global Greengrants Fund, the Jenifer Altman Foundation designed and manages this program to build and strengthen a global environmental health and justice movement.  Granting nearly half a million dollars annually to NGOs throughout the Global South and transitional economy countries, the GS+ Program utilizes the expertise of four major international networks to help shape and guide the grantmaking.
Funders for Fair Trade
Funders for Fair Trade seeks to support civil society critique of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a trade agreement currently under negotiation between the United States and Europe. All FFT grantees are based in the EU, and they work on the issue from a range of perspectives, including advocacy, research, and public awareness-raising. 
Management of the Barbara Smith Fund
The Barbara Smith Fund is a private foundation dedicated to perpetuating the life purpose of Barbara Smith Coleman: to contribute to health, healing, and the healing arts.  Barbara established the Barbara Smith Fund shortly before her death in 2002 to support the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts and related work. The Fund is managed by the Jenifer Altman Foundation.